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Re: [APD] some stupid (perfectly good) questions and A comment onwater changes

--- Airwreck <Airwreck at airwreck_com> wrote:
> I have some stupid questions the first question is
> when talking  about the water column are you meaning the
> water in the tank??

Yes. we just sound so much more technical when we say
"water column" instead of "tank water". Continuing to be
technical, it also includes the water in any externa
gadgets, the wtaer in which comes from and flows back into
the aquarium, such as filters, CO2 reactors, UV lamps, etc.
> Second one is when you refer to it vegetative
> reproduction are you meaning 
> cuttings or divisions or is there something that I know
> how clue about??

Reproduction without growing from seed.  This can be from a
parent planting splitting off a new plantelet
(Echinodoruses do this quite easily) or by sending out
runners (Vals love to do this and cryptocorynes too).

> another one in my stupid questions is a recently I've
> been looking at AGA 
> tank competition and I was wondering how old these tanks
> are? Or they 
> created just for the show?

You can tell from some of the pics that some of them or
some of the plants have just been put into the tanks. Some
tanks are designed just for the show and aren't intended as
ongoing endeavors -- some of them would be real pitas to
maintain. Some are just well designed, well kept tanks. All
of them are enjoyable to view.
> the last comment I would have is related to water
> changes.  The folks who 
> are proclaiming large water changes using tap water
> straight from the line 
> in their house are barking up a very dangerous tree the
> reason being is 
> that you have no idea what you're water department has
> been adding to that 
> water.  Case in point is my situation, during the dry
> season here and I 
> made a large water changed just as you are advocating to
> do using tap water 
> to my chagrin within 5 minutes of the water change all my
> fish died from 
> poisoning. this was caused by water authority adding more
> chemicals to 
> purify water because the reservoir was extremely low and
> water was in short 
> supply it seemed that water authority had adding extra
> chemicals to the 
> water to remove biological pathogens. I do not disagree
> with making a large 
> water changes it's just that one needs to be careful.

The water dept. has to tell you, if you ask, what they put
in the water and they must report periodically on the level
of a number of specifics chemicals, as dictated by EPA.

Cal or write or email them or look for a web site with the
Water Quality Report for you yur water supply.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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