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[APD] cherry shrimp color

I finally discovered some cherry shrimp at my local fish store and 
immediately picked up four for my 30-gallon.  There seems to be considerable 
variation in color. Three are bright red, and the fourth has dull reddish 
stripes like the top photograph on this page:  

Does anyone know if the color is genetic or environmental?  Does the dull one 
just need some more beta carotene in its diet? I notice that the web page 
calls them "aquarium strain from Taiwan."  I was under the impression that 
they were a naturally occurring variant of Neocaridina denticulata, but I 
suppose selective breeding makes sense.  The would certainly stick out like 
sore thumbs in the wild. 

Another web page says they are bred as live food for aqaurium fish in 
Taiwan.  So I guess I paid a premium for the Taiwanese equivalent of feeder 

So far, the cherries are doing well.  They seem to be more active than Amano 
shrimp during the day and are more likely to climb around on stem plants.  
Two of them are females with eggs on board.  My amano shrimp often carry 
eggs, but I have never found juveniles. Hoping for better luck with 
Neocaridina denticulata.

Nicholas Plummer
nickplummer at att_net
Chapel Hill, NC, USA
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