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Re: [APD] LED Lighting

Andy Lavery wrote:

The LEDs I've chosen to use have a Vf of 3.6v Vmax of 4.5, If 30mA peak 100mA - now call me crazy, but I was just going to use a good old 4.5v 1.6A wall wart to power it, running all the lights in parallel.

They will probably pop!

If you want them to last, don't run them too close to the Vmax.

Also, most wall wart power supplies have very poor regulation.  On
my led nightlight setup, I found that my 12vDC wall wart, it was
actually putting out 18v!

Under a higher current load, the output would probably drop, but
the load from the LEDs wasn't enought to lower the voltage.

If you want to avoid adding resistors and such, you could go with
a power supply that puts out 8v, and put 2 leds in series.  Then each
LED would get 4 volts, and they'd be happy.

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