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Re: [APD] LED Lighting

Just keep flogging the dead horse, :-)
I also use ultra bright LEDS for my nightlight. I just use two in series.
I drilled a mounting hole in my MH hood and directed them at the relector.
The reflector is ball peened and has a slight blue tint (I think of
It looks superb, just like a moonglow.
I originally bought 4 but I thought they were too bright.

On that note does anyone know what the effect on fish (pl*co, rasboras,
clown loaches, SAEs)
would be from having too much light on them at night?
I'd assume the output of the LEDS are way too low to effect the night cycle
of the plants.
(I normally have a 10 hour photo period with 3+ watt  / G).

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