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Re: [APD] LED Lighting

Wow, You guys are sure making me think here! But its great - keep going (I'll just need to go buy my old electronics 10/11/12 texts and refresh my poor aging memory)

The LEDs I've chosen to use have a Vf of 3.6v Vmax of 4.5, If 30mA peak 100mA - now call me crazy, but I was just going to use a good old 4.5v 1.6A wall wart to power it, running all the lights in parallel.

The setup I was going to use to actually mount the LEDs, was to use a 1x1 chunk of project board - mounting each LED individually, connecting wiring. Then I was planning to seal the base in 1/4" of epoxy - thus basically making it waterproof.

If the 2g test tank works well, I've already ordered the components to try it out on my 20g, rather than trying to light the whole tank per se... I was planning a strip of 45deg LEDs run down the centerline of the tank roughly every 4" for 'overall' lighting, then using 'spotlights' (an array of 3-4 20degree LEDs) to put the extra light where its needed. Why waste energy putting all that light in an area that isn't planted - right?

Thanks again - you guys are great... On another forum I asked this question, all I got was "It will never work"


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