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Re: [APD] Aquatic Plant forum proposal

You know, Robert, I had much the same thought.  A nice site is really a boon
to such a community.  But I must also say that I've found this site:
http://www.aquarank.com/ which contains many, many other sites.  Some of
which are purely forums (via what looks like phpBB).  Perhaps you could
browse through those to find what you want.  I enjoy the list very much, and
thought of other things that might be of use to people.  Particularly, I
thought of buying my own domain, or making a sub-domain (not as nice cause
of naming) off mine.  My thought were to put up a gallery and allow everyone
to upload pictures of their tanks to show everyone else.  I originally made
a gallery for it, but got no traffic.  If people would like a place to share
pictures I can help there...


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Subject: [APD] Aquatic Plant forum proposal

> Hello,
> I have been lurking on this list for a year or so and
> find the discussions quite useful and informative.
> I want to ask if anyone would be interested in
> cooperating on getting a aquatic plant discussion
> forum started.
> I am by profession a graphic designer and web
> developer, who recently has had a slow down in work,
> so I'm looking for a project to keep me busy.
> I find the site http://www.reefcentral.com also very
> useful and informative and would model an aquatic
> plant forum on that site.
> This would be a non commercial endeavor and the only
> rewarded would be an aquatic plant community site.
> Anyone interested please email me or continue the
> discussion here.
> I would donate the web server space.
> Thanks,
> Robert Jagla
> rjagla at yahoo_com
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