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[APD] Erik Olsen, nutriwent PMDD issues

Erik, we may want to put an added part to the PMDD paper to prevent folks
from assuming some of the assumptions the paper made and to update recent
understandings of growing plants.

Many folks go to the krib for plant advice and I think it would be simpler
if we added articles there, instead of explaining things again here on the

We may want or ask folks to read this article and one of mine.

PMDD assumes a PO4 limited tank is desirable and also at the same time a
low Fe level is desirable. But a tank cannot have two limited nutients at
Nor does "excess" Fe and PO4 cause algae in a well run tank. 

The testing of Fe and trying to keep a 0.1ppm residual just seems like a
lesson in futility. Plants only need roughly 0.006ppm a day of iron, not
much and beyond anything our test can come close to. 

So can we link an article or site for further reading into the more recent
It's like promoting that FW plant tank have to have RO/hardwater is bad for
plants etc.

If we find myths/problems with reasoning, we should correct these asap
least they get promoted to everyone on the web.

Tom Barr

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