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RE: [APD] PH - KH C02 relationship?

oops your exactly right, I did misread, thx.


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Subject: Re: [APD] PH - KH C02 relationship?

Rick Engstrom wrote:

> PH 6.8
> KH 80

> PH, KH and CO2 levels it appears according to his chart that I am running
> about 38 PPM of CO2 which seems to be too high. In order to get down to
> 15PPM to 25 PPM I would need a PH of 7.0 - 7.2. Does reducing my bubble

I think you are mis-reading the chart.  On the chart, the KH
values are listed in degrees.  If you had 8 degrees KH and a
pH of 6.8, then you'd have 38ppm CO2.

Your KH 80 probably means 80ppm, which is only 4.5 degrees KH.

Use the calculator above the chart to enter 80 ppm and pH 6.8,
and you'll get 21 ppm CO2.

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