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So you increased the CO2 some and added loads of light and you had little experrience with CO2 but it was not your fault for getting BBA?

Well, the 55 gallon has had just as much light before with DIY CO2. My 55g has been going for
four years as a planted tank with DIY CO2. Here is a picture of it in the summer of 2002:


Here is a picture of it just before I entered it into the AGA contest 2002 (a month later):


I did this all with the 3.75 w/g PC combo and FOUR DIY bottles of CO2. It was a lot of work, so
I decided to go with pressurized CO2. The BBA started appearing after a trade... there were noticeable
bits of BBA on the plants but I, a little cocky about never having a serious algae outbreak until now,
put them in anyways. And I had pressurized CO2, right? It should even be more stable now.

You and many newer folks in this hobby do not know what all we did to BBA, it was one of the worst to understand.
Perhaps it still is today. We tried no PO4, then high PO4, low NO3 high NO3 etc, everything. Drying it out, then placing it back, rocks/wood surfaces also.

Tell me about it. Cladophora and BBA have been very difficult for me to understand. I can contain
them somewhat but I can never fully eradicate them by pruning/nutritient monitoring.

Many folks that were pretty sharp ( a few still are I suppose:-) tried the figure this out so I accepted a Dutch friend's advice on it and he was right.

I have no need for SAE's, copper, whatever. BBA is not a difficult algae to deal with for me and it has not been for close to a decade. Oh never fear, I had it as bad as anyone. This is not the voice of inexperience, there are few things in the planted hobby I have not tried out, I still have a big list of fun projects.
Several German books also contend this independent of what I did and many others that I helped over the years.
I am not alone in my conclusions both here in the USA or abroad.

There are no abduction theories or magic wands, that's for sure. But it can be, by any chance, something in combination with CO2 levels? It only takes one (in this case, two) to disprove a
hypothesis in science.

I ended up killing several of my
fat old cardinal tetras."

Well at those KH/pH values it was NOT due to CO2, that I can tell you.
I have had cards/Rummies/Discus before for several years.

Then I don't know what did. A mass die off in unison (about half the shoal) was pretty startling and
stopped when I lowered the amount of CO2 a tad. These tetras have been with me for as long
as the tank has been running (4). The angelfish was unaffected (six year old male).

You just need to learn by experience yourself if you don't believe me.
Hell, I've been down these roads plenty of times before.
You are doing something, I am constantly exposed to BBA and other forms of algae which are common here in FL when I collect plants.

I know I am doing something... but what is the question. I can't point my finger at CO2 at this point
and not consistent nutrients.

Everyone comes forward about how they did everything right with the algae and they had no other choice etc but to use algicides yada yada..........

I don't use algicides. I posted to say that CO2 is not helping in my case.

You need to rule out other things before coming here and saying BBA just shows up in your tank for no reason but Tom's tanks don't. I'm good at ruling out other causes for algae, I have been at it for a very long time.

Algae is showing in my tank because they were placed in there.

Meanwhile you have algae and I don't.
The proof is in the pudding. If someone else is doing it and has plants/CO2 etc like you, you know it can and is being done. You need to figure out why it's not working for you.

Oh, my tanks have been algae free. I know an algae free tank is not impossible. It's only as of late
that I've been facing BBA/cladophora. I got rid of the cladophora by simply starting over again. It
has not shown up again in my 20g long. I'll continue to work with the BBA. However, I am
suspicious that it may have to do with an overdose of Flourish/Flourish Iron (20 mL of each weekly)
into a tank that isn't mature enough for that kind of heavy dosing.


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