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[APD] Free substrate in Houston

i have three tanks (135gal, 75 gal,29 gal) which i will be breaking down for 
our move to the east coast. The 135 and the 29 have a minumum ratio (60% to 
40%) of Flourite 
to bell sand. The 75 is 100% Flourite with a heavy content of Dupla Laterite. 
the substrate level averages 4" so you can see this is a LOT of substrate. 
the tanks were set up less than 14 months ago.

i have decided not to try and clean and transport the substrate. contact me 
off line for the details of when where ect. minumum 25lbs(aproximately 3 bags ) 
per person.

rich green
rmgtbts at aol_com
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