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[APD] Re: A note on cold climes

James Foley skrev:
This kind of thing always brings me out of lurker mode wherever I see it.

Why do people assume that because a place drops below freezing in the winter
that our houses are cold?

In the summer our house stays at 18-20C with the help of the air

In the winter, the house stays at 22-24C, thanks to the furnace. That's
right. Warmer rooms in the winter. Light up the fireplace and the temp gets
up to 28-30C easily.

We do not live in igloos. :o)

It brought me out of lurker mode to, a few days ago. :)
I think this is due to isolation or to be more precise lakk of isolation in homes with warmer climate. It should be needless to say what happens to their homes when the temperature outside dropp.

The best temperature outside in the winter is about -5C

Arild Madsen

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