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Re: [APD] Eheim rattle -- or - Gloss on Floss

Well, today I replaced the shaft, put in a new white pad, and cleaned 1/3 of the fine substrate, as well as cleaning the coarse substrate. Also threw out the extra floss that I had in there. It is quiteter now, with the flow back up to normal, and the periodical half-second stoppages ("hiccups") have stopped, but there is still a rattle (if not quieter than before.) Are the bearings on the inside of the motor?

Noisily in Brisbane,
- Seweryn

PS - got some Anubias nana "petite" today, and it's oh so cute!

If it is distinctly a rattle, and the motor parts are
assembled correctly (the parts the user can access for
cleaing) then it's probably the rotor, shaft or bearings.
This could also cause a decrease in water flow.

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