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[APD] A note on cold climes

This kind of thing always brings me out of lurker mode wherever I see it.

Why do people assume that because a place drops below freezing in the winter
that our houses are cold?

In the summer our house stays at 18-20C with the help of the air

In the winter, the house stays at 22-24C, thanks to the furnace. That's
right. Warmer rooms in the winter. Light up the fireplace and the temp gets
up to 28-30C easily.

We do not live in igloos.   :o)

James www.tbaquascapes.com

> Subject: [APD] Re: Some thoughts on substrates and some Heat cable
> debate Thomas Barr
>But then why do many Europeans and some
> Americans love them? Can the explanation simply be that
> those who have found them worthwhile live in colder climates
> (colder rooms)?

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