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[APD] Re: Ammo Lock and Ammonia Tests


That ingredient statement doesn't fit with my concept of how "Ammo Lock 2" actually works. Sounds like you are *adding* a stiff dose of nitrogen, with that stuff! [Amine is a marketing disguise word for organic ammonium compounds. :-)]

Since we are way out of my range of chemical expertise, let's hope Greg will chime in and straighten us all out.

A quick web search disclosed nothing about the older "Ammo Lock" product. It appears to no longer be sold.

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Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 07:58:40 -0800
From: Phil Bunch <pbunch at cox_net>
Subject: RE: [APD] Re: Ammo Lock and Ammonia Tests
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My bottle of Ammo Lock does not include the 2 designation. Given the information provided on the bottle it appears to work the same way as Ammo Lock 2. The only indication of ingredients is "Contains: No less than 17% Aliphatic Amine Salts".

Phil Bunch


On Sunday, October 26, 2003 07:40, Joanne Damon [SMTP:Joanne000 at webtv_net] wrote:

Wright said

Try the same test using a salycilate ammonium test and see if
ammonia/ammonium isn't below detectable levels.

Do you know of hand what brand use salycilate?


Beside the AP one that Phil mentioned, I have only used the Kordon salycilate test for ammonia/ammonium.

Don't bother buying any, for the sensitivity just is not there. The Spotte reference that Scott quoted says that 0.1 ppm of total NH4+ is the maximum that should be tolerated (p. 103). That is less than half the first color step on the LFS test products, either Nesler or salycilate.

On P. 106, he points out that irreversible damage to fingerling gills could happen at concentrations of ammonia as low as 1 ppb (0.001 ppm)!

My experience is that most stunted fish growth is due to subtle, sub-lethal doses of ammonia, particularly in low oxygen situations. Good plant growth, plenty of oxygen, good bio-filtration and frequent modest-size water changes should keep ammonium/ammonia way below any detectable levels. Since a proper salycilate test is very tedious and time consuming, I just quit testing altogether, and use "Amquel" when carbon filtering wasn't the answer. [I mean whole-house cartridge filtration, not the useless chips sold at the LFS.]


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