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[APD] Yellowing of leaves (e. tenellus

In my 72G over the last two weeks I have had some problems with only a small
section (6 square inches or so) of e. tenellus. This started when I uprooted
some crypts right in that area of the tank. I think there may have been a
flourish tab under the crypts that got broken up and released into the water

Anyway, first, the leaves of only the e. tenellus got covered in algae only
in that area. After about a week of this the older leaves started to yellow
and now they're falling off at an alarming rate. I have vacuumed the gravel
in the area several times and done a few 30% percent water changes  in the
past few weeks but am noticing no improvement yet. Any ideas on what could
have caused this  and some corrective measures? I find it odd this is
isolated to this small are of the tank...

Water parameters currently:

ph: 6.7
kh: 5 dkh
gh: 3 dgh
nitrates: 2ppm
Fe: undetectable



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