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[APD] Re: Ammo Lock and Ammonia Tests

 >> It turns out that the kit I'm using is a salicylate reagent product
 >> (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals). It however indicts that it tests for both
 >> NH3 and NH4. It also indicates that "Ammonia test kits will still test
 >> positive for ammonia..." even when Ammo Lock is used.

In my opinion, Ammo-Lock is a product that does not deserve to be on the
market. According to Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, only their dry-tab ammonia
kit is compatible with it-- but even that kit has been shown to be
inaccurate when used with Ammo-Lock. What good is a product that claims to
remove ammonia, but whose use removes the hobbyist's ability to test for
ammonia? How can anyone know that it even works or that the ammonia is

Amquel is the _only_ chloramine neutralizer that does what it says and is
compatible with all salicylate-reagent ammonia test kits. It's also the
only ammonia neutralizer that tells you exactly how much product to use,
based on the ppm readings of your ammonia test kit. The other products all
use a one-dose-fits-all strategy, which makes no sense at all.

Mike Wickham

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