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[APD] UV Sterilizer

Lorenzo Rota was wondering how useful a UV is for a planted tank.  

Like you, I have heard that a UV breaks Fe down quickly.  

I hang my UV on the tank during green water outbreaks and then remove it
when the water is clear again (typically a few days).  Granted, there was a
time when it was basically on more than off but  I really don't remember any
ill effects from using it for weeks at a time.  Some people have it hooked
in-line and leave the light unplugged until it is needed, others run it

Flame shield up for this part.  I don't use it for prevention, just
resolution when green water occurs. The reasons I don't use it constantly
are because I am concerned it could mask a problem and it looks hideous
hanging on the front of my tank.  If my dosing gets all messed up, green
water appears.  That signals that I need to test more frequently and
straighten out the problem.  If the UV is running constantly, I would never
know I had an issue and while it might work itself out, it could get worse.
Just my opinion of course. 


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