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Re: [APD] UV Sterilizer -- or - Steeling the facts about iron andviolets

I have been after something definitive on the UV Fe issue
for a long time.  I've never been able to come up with
anything more definitive that what Paul posted, which is an
excellent summary, especially if you add what Greg Morin
had to say recently about Flourish Iron and UVs.

I'm leaning towards it doesn't make a darn diff to your
plants as far as Fe is concerned.  I think it's reasonable
to conclude that it doesn't matter for rooted plants and I
can't see any diff for non-substrate-rooted plants.  So the
impact must be very mild at least in the tanks I have with

I'd love to hear something more definitive than all that.

Soctt H.
--- Daphne Freeman <daphne_freeman at charter.net> wrote:
> Lorenzo Rota was wondering how useful a UV is for a
> planted tank.  

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