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[APD] UV sterilizer

* From: "Lorenzo Rota" <lorenzo1961 at hotmail_com>

Regarding UV sterilizers....I have one on my tank....but wonder how useful it really is in a planted tank as I read in several places and postings that UV will inactivate Fe and other nutrients in planted tank. Whats peoples experience with this? If its true...then it makes UV sorta useless for planted tanks...as you cant run it if you are trying to maintain proper fert levels...and so you really cant use it for preventing outbreaks.

It is thought that the ultraviolet light would break down the chelating agent that binds the iron and holds it in solution. I don't know if anyone has actually made tests to see if this really happens. Other than that, the UV should not harm or chemically change any of the other nutrients.

If you have a green water outbreak that won't go away, set up the UV apparatus and let it run for a few weeks until the water is as clear as it is going to get. It takes a day or two before the clearing begins, so don't be discouraged if it doesn't get better the first day. Rooted plants should be able to get their iron from the substrate. Only floating plants might get iron deficiency _IF_ the UV has actually destroyed the chelating agent resulting in the precipitation of the formerly chelated iron. I have, by chance, only used a UV filter in tanks that had all rooted plants, and they were not bothered at all.
Paul Krombholz, in sunny, cool, central Mississippi.
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