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RE: [APD] EHEIM diatom Filter -- Freyed Ends

Delurk. Some definitions from dictionary.com that are apropos.

    Any of various microscopic one-celled or colonial algae of the class
    Bacillariophyceae, having cell walls of silica consisting of two
    interlocking symmetrical valves.
    Consisting of diatoms or their skeletons.

Sharon might have been thinking about micron.
mi·cron also mi·kron:
    A unit of length equal to one millionth (10-6) of a meter. No longer
    in technical use.
 S. Hieber was accused of saying...
> Something I said apparently angerd or insulted Saron Frey,
> although I am not clear what it was.

I've been following this thread, and I must admit this was not how I was
expecting the conversation to go this way :)
must...re...lurk... before I do, thank you Scott for all your insite, and
please keep posting.
Glenn Attwood
"Well, I like the 49ers because they're pure of heart, Seattle because
they've got something to prove, and the Raiders because they always
cheat."- Lisa Simpson

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