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[APD] Re: Bacterial Bloom

If it really is a bloom of bacteria, then Daphnia will filter them out and start producing eggs. Take a sample of the water and introduce some Daphnia. Observe daily to see if their ovaries get large and then release eggs into their brood pouch.

If it really is a bacterial bloom, then there must be some source of organic food in the tank. Do you have DIY CO2 made by yeast? If so, the pressure may be pushing some of the yeast culture bottle into the tank. If that isn't a possibility, what about overfeeding? It is hard to believe that a small bit of driftwood could release enough organic matter to cause a bacterial bloom.

If it really is a bacterial bloom, then there should also be bacterial films on surfaces. The protozoa population should increase. It should be possible with a hand magnifier to see surface-feeding ciliates moving around and often clouds of free-swimming protozoan species as well. Pond snails love bacterial films and grow rapidly when there are bacterial films to eat.

If it is not a bacterial bloom, then it must be a suspension of non-living particles. If you put some of the water into a glass, does anything settle out after a few days?
Paul Krombholz in sunny, mild, central Mississippi
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