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RE: [APD] EHEIM diatom Filter -- Freyed Ends

Wonderful thread for me to jump in on. I grew up in the "dirt" business, as my father owned one of the world's largest producers of non-metallic industrial minerals. Some of that dust rubbed off on me, so I have a couple of minor comments.

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Subject: RE: [APD] EHEIM diatom Filter -- Freyed Ends
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Something I said apparently angerd or insulted Saron Frey,
although I am not clear what it was.  I had no intention of
doing so.  IN any event there are a few mistakes inthe

We all make mistakes, Scott. Why I even did so myself, back in the '40s. I thought I was mistaken, but turns out I wasn't. :-)

As commonly used, "Diatom Filter" means a filter designed specifically for the use of diatomaceous media, which consisist of the skeletal remains of diatoms. It doesn't simply mean "fine" or "silt" but refers to a specific kind of material. It's not clear if you were taking issue with that or not.

To be more specific than that, the broken shells of the "fossilized" diatomes are like microscopic shards of shattered glass. Porous, sharp and insoluble (over 80% silica) the stuff is deadly to small insects and intestinal parasites. It is *most* hazardous to breathe. [Do a google search on silicosis.]

--- Sharon Frey <sharonfrey at earthlink_net> wrote:

Scott Heiber could you possibly be a bigger butt than you
already are?  I
guess the answer is yes!

Naah! We all think he's near perfect, here! :-)

Diatomaceous earth is a silt sand commonly used in pool
filters in the
Southwest. Silt meaning very very very very very fine. How in the world
did you get from Seweryns post to lambasting every person
who tried
something a little strange?

I said why I didn't thnk diatom powder would work in an
ordianry Eheim filter and suggested some alternatives.  The
lambast was?

You are correct. It won't. [I forget the lambaste part, too.]

This avocation is a process of trial and error and
learning from the
mistakes and the successes.

Couldn't agree more.

I have always wondered if
you have a planted
aquaria or just make stuff up as you go along.

I don't just make stuff up.

Well, maybe not, but I think I recall a few colorful twists on some topics. :-)

[To be serious, Scott's posts have a lot of good meat and have always been quite accurate. We have disagreed on minor points from time to time, but rarely on anything fundamental.]

A diatom filter (which you have never used and I have)
references the size
of particle that is filtered.

Actually, it doesn't.  Consder the term "Diatom." It's a
particular kind of fine media.  Most often it is a calcined
diatomaceous material.

Naah. It is almost never really calcined as it is mostly SiO2 and has no CO2 to drive off, or water of hydration as in limestone or many silicate clays. It is dried out at elevated temps, because it is so good at holding water in the micropores that it still acts like dust when as much as 50% of the weight is H2O! Its microporosity is amazing, with over 80% of volume being air.

It soaks up oil from the driveway with amazing efficiency, as I recall.

I have three diatom filters and have used them all for several years, two models of Vortex and a System One. I have also used Eheims, among others, for over 30 something years.

Personally I would like to see this post go forward and
hear others and
their observations and ideas.

Me too, that's why I like the APD.

Is it possible that you would just shut up long enough for others to think reason and resolve? I hope and pray so.

Nothing I say prevents anyone from saying anything else.

Good! Otherwise I might be left speechless, and we wouldn't want that, would we? ;-)

Scott H.

Nothing I say prevents anyone from responding, so up goes my flame shield. ;-)


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