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[APD] Re: Closing up for the night

Terry wrote:

>>>>  As I am sitting here in front of my tank w. the lights off ...
> I see all of the stem plants with their leaves raised - like
> they've closed shop for the night. ...
>  I am wondering why the aquatic stem plants do this.
>  I'd think they'd stay open so that they can re-absorb the
>  O2, that is trapped under the leaves, for respiration.

Jason - I don't have the answer to your question, but I've noticed the same
phenomena *before* lights out towards the end of the lighting day, when the
plants are really pearling.   I'd also be interested in learning the cause.
I always thought it was just phototropism in the leaves after lots of light,
but if it happens in your tank *after* lights out, that must not be it.

Terry in Phoenix<<<<

  Actually, it is like what happens in your tank.  It's just that my tank is
pretty close to a window, and I figured it was just b/c the drastic
reduction in light that made the plants think it was pretty much lights-out.
  But, it's only 6pm now, and the plants are pearling more than they ever
have yet (plants in there for only 4days), so shouldn't they be closing up -
if the theory is correct?
  I'm not saying you're wrong, by any means, just trying to uderstand. :)

It's a good discussion we've started... looking forward to more on this
topic :)

Jason Miller

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