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[APD] Re: Closing up for the night

From: "S Mifsud" <labmdp at waldonet_net.mt>


>It is primarily light. Diurnal heat and humidity rythms also regulate the
movements in some plants. What I said in my previous post was "Many
nyctinastic movements continue even if the lights are left on. There seems
to be some inherent periodicity to the movements". The plant regulates
itself with the light and dark periods, much like we do, at least most of
us. We go to sleep when it is dark. But if someone leaves the lights on we
still feel sleepy when it is dark outside. We get accustomed to the pattern
and it takes awhile before we adjust to new sleeping/waking times. The same
happens to some of these plants. Once it gets into the pattern, it continues
even if the light-dark cycle  is changed. If this cycle remains the plant
will change too. This is not true of all species, but it explains the
>behaviour of some nyctinastic plants.

At least in some species, man for example, many will shift to something
other than a 24 hr cycle.
Experience has shown me that under 24 hours of light that I shift to a
steady 24 3/4 hour cycle.
This is common in high latitudes during summer or with those who can
otherwise free-cycle.
It is very common in Antarctica, for example.

OAE 1969-71

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