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[APD] Re: Closing up for the night

Jason, I also find this behaviour very interesting. I see it as a good thing, this only happens when the growing tips are healthy, and most stem plants do it, so checking after lights out, helps identify if the growing tips are healthy. I used to think it was related to long and short day plants, because some plants begin the behaviour hours before lights out, for me, Gratiola is the most noticeable, I had to change the light timing so it would still be open when I got home from work. It is still a mystery as far as I know, and it would be interesting to know what triggers the behaviour, esp when it happens before lights out.

Jim Lockhart
San Jose.

>  As I am sitting here in front of my tank w. the lights off (it's about
> 11pm), I see all of the stem plants with their leaves raised - like they've
> closed shop for the night.
>  I've seen this in terrestrial flowers, but don't really notice it in
> terrestrial plants.  I am wondering why the aquatic stem plants do this.
> I'd think they'd stay open so that they can re-absorb the 
> O2, that is
> trapped under the leaves, for respiration.
> Some food for thought.
> Jason Miller
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