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[APD] Re: CO2 Off at night

Shireen wrote:
"I've been reading this thread, and getting increasingly confused.

For the longest time, I always assumed it was OK to keep CO2
running for 24 hours. My fish are really important to me, so I'm trying
to be very careful about this.

Tom has advised me to increase CO2 to 20-30 ppm only when the
lights are on, and shut it off at night. I've never tried such high CO2
dosages before, and I currently can't afford a solenoid. If I left the
CO2 running at 20-30ppm during the night, could that dosage kill
my fish? From what I understand, pH swings are not the issue for
kH's at 3-5 dH. It's the lack of O2."

I have run CO2 at minimum 22ppm for about 7 years now.  I do not 
turn off my CO2 at night and never have.  As to it being harmful to 
the fish I did have a fish die recently.  It was a 9.5 year old black 
neon.  It outlasted a gourami purchased the same day by about 6 

My fish have never seemed to care about the CO2 level, only the O2 
level which has been 10-12 ppm for years regardless of what time of 
day it is measured.

John Haydt
Lansdale, PA
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