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[APD] Re: cork

> My question as well. I have used the dark colored cork tiles as a
> background on the outside of the tank but never on the inside. I thought
> the cork was stained a dark color because normal colored cork is a much
> lighter color isn't it?

It's not stained from any process we do, it's the lower quality cork bark,
the high quality light cork is used for wine bottles etc.

> Also, these "tiles" appear to be made of cork
> pieces, roughly a centimeter in size, that are glued together and I don't
> want any of this glue poisoning the water or causing the tiles to
> disintegrate after a while under water. Apparently there is no problem with
> these cork tiles? How long have they been submerged?

Many many years. I suppose if you plan on never doing water changes etc,
something might build up. I've used them for about 7-10 years with out

Depending on how much removal of plants from the wall, this will dictate how
long it will last. The roots rip off pieces of cork each time you pull off a
Over time, this removes a fair amount of cork. Anubias, Java moss/fern are
not bad but Bolbitus gets out of hand.

But after a few years, a razor blade and replacement of cork is not too bad.

Tom Barr   

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