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[APD] Re: CO2 off at night

Shireen, I run the CO2 continuously on 6 tanks, all covered with lids, and
I am using the somewhat inefficient method of injecting it into the filter
intake. I'm sure this method is causing me to use more gas than if I had a
reactor in each tank but at night the inefficiency of dissolution is an
insurance policy against overdosing. I'm afraid a reactor might cause too
much gas to be dissolved at night if not run in synch with the lights. I
still want to experiment with one though, sometime.

I used to have the CO2 on a solenoid/light timer on another tank; a 75 gal
with 160W light and moderately hard water. The CO2 content didn't change
much in this tank (as evidenced by the small pH shift). Now I'm running
smaller tanks with very soft water in a room that has quite a variable
temperature change and gets too much direct sunlight so I am looking for
ways to maintain stability. Keeping the CO2 constant is one of those ways
for now in this environment.
--- Eric

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