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[APD] Re: how to use a RFUG for any grain size

> Phil,
> Curious if you used a fiberglass screen over the filter plates to prevent
> smaller particles of
> Flourite from clogging. Nice color of the gravel which you must have used
> mostly for the top layer. Also did you use a powerhead or a back filter
> which would feed directly into the riser
> tube? Sorry, lots of questions--thinking of trying your method on a spare 10
> gallon. I think it
> was Liz Taylor who said "success is the best deodorant" and clearly, to rug
> or not to rug, your
> method is successful!
> Regards,
> Bill

Bill check out some of my old RFUG's post. I detail the CPVC grid and you
can use any sized sand grain that you want and it does not ever clog.

This type of RFUG is the best but the companies no longer make them like the
fools that they are!

Runs about 10$ max for 10-55 gal and 12-15$ for larger tanks up to 180 gal.

Nice for tanks with deep sand for certain burrowing critters.
Plant roots never clog these and it also allows deep root penetration since
there's no plate blocking anything and there's space between the pipes.

If you grow plants and want an UG, these are simply the best thing out
Tom Barr  

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