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[APD] Re: CO2 off at night

> It just seems to me
> that pH swings would be stressful.

Amano does not think so. Nor do I. This is the way I have been adding CO2
since I started. Yea, I've tried the other ways, but we add CO2 to enrich
plant growth, not to directly stabilize pH for fish etc. Good CO2 when the
plants need it is the most important factor.

If stablizing the pH was the only goal, things like pH 7.0 etc are better to
use and easier to control/use for most folks(but not for plants, they want
> And for the newbies out there, every hobby has its own jargon and
> vocabulary, learning this is just as much of the hobby as becoming adept at
> growing plants and managing water parameters. It is also a unifier, like a
> "secret" handshake. LOL goodluck

Tell me about it. Claus was wondering what TMG meant when he was here some
time ago:) Stuff like that will get everyone at some point.

Your pH should not rise quite that much if you turn it off when the lights
go out and come on etc. I get swings of around .4-.5 pH units typically.
Newer tanks have larger swings.

Ponds/lakes/tidepools with vegetation etc have daily swings of anywhere from
2-4 pH units everyday. Tidepools are even more harsh from tidal intrusion 2x
a day from the ocean water( 8.2 and the tidepool might be at 10+pH).
Tom Barr

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> Larry Jones 
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