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[APD] Re: CO2, NO3 and KH

> BTW. I tried to limit NO3 totally to get better red colors. Bad idea
> as you always say Tom. The plants stopped growing and algae came.
> The redness? Well. Some brownish-junk-red I managed to induce,
> but I want the intense Amano-reds in L. arcuata.
> // Daniel.

Generally a bad idea for many.

But like a non CO2 plant tank, it can be done and requires balancing the
fish load/feedings with dosing the KNO3 etc.

I still think you might consider a nice pH monitor/probe and something to
get a good KH measurement. The KH should not cost much at all. Your GH is
likely fine either way, Ca:Mg ratios of 4:1 seem good but I know it varies
quite a bit in tap waters around the world, but if you do those water
changes...even if it's a bit low, 99% of time there is not a Mg issues. Some
trace mixes sometimes will have it also.
I've had some very large ratio differences with Ca:Mg but mainly excess Ca.

Good to hear about the standards comparing well with the JBL kits.
I think your estimations will still be closer for NO3.

I think about dosing much like a "meal" that will keep the plants "full" for
a couple of days. 

You can also get a more accurate reading with the KH by adding 10mls of
sample water and counting the drops(each drop will now equal 0.5 degrees KH
instead of 1).
Tom Barr

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