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To answer your question about how effective the RUGF really was in my tank all I can say is that the plants grew much better in there than they did in the tank I moved them into, which many would say was a "better tank" (more light, higher nutrients in solution etc), over the same period of time.

I feel the benefit really stemmed from the fact that the only plants in the tank were Crypts who appreciated the flow of water into the substrate more than most other plants might. As far as why this was if the leaves were in the soup to begin with my best guess would be because I dosed small amounts on a daily basis rather than large amounts a few times a week. The water was probably less of a Soup than a thin Broth.

Regarding whether or not the RUGF was more or less effective than UG cables I'm not sure they can really be compared in this case.While the concept is the same, the flow from the RUGF was many times greater than a cable could ever be. If the aquarium had no RUGF and it was a comparison of a strong root system vs. a cable system I would have to say that we'd have something to compare.

See you in Dallas,

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