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Re: Wet/Dry Trickle filter vs Canister Filter

Alan Kaufmann said:

> A canister filter will probably be quieter, but I find
> the sound of a
> trickle filter very soothing.
> I consider a trickle filter essential for a show quality
> tank.  The
> main reason for this is that the water level in the tank
> never
> changes.  Think about it.  No evaporation lines on the
> glass, and the
> tank frame doubles as a perfect picture frame for your
> efforts.

Another benefit of a sump system is that you can put
overflow boxes on a number of tanks, regardless of the
relative height of the tanks, and run them to the same
single sump and the water level in each of the tanks will
remain at the level set by the overflow.  It's a lot harder
to run several tanks off of one canister, especially if
they are at different heights.  One big sump can be cheaper
than several canisters.

Scott H.

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