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Water Chemistry Textbook

Mr. Gomberg's response is right on.  If you really want to understand how
hardness, alkalanity, and  pH are interrelated in our aquariums you have 
to first understand the basics.  For the novice a high-school chemistry 
book may be a necessary start but probably might need to be augmented 
with a basic college text.
I have recently been getting good use of "Chemistryfor Environmental 
Engineering"  Sawyer/McCarty/Parkin McGraw Hill 1994.
Lyndle Schenck

>> Can someone please recommend a good water chemistry text book,
>> something that will help me follow all the chemistry-heavy threads on
>> this list and its archives?

> Go to your local used book store and find a freshman chemistry book.
> Or even a high-school one.

Mr. Gomberg, I do not appreciate your patronizing tone.
I specifically posted that request on this list because
there are list members, who are well-versed in chemistry,
who could suggest reliable text books, the kinds that are
not peppered with errors. I would never waste my hard-
earned money by getting a book the way you just described.

- shireen