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Re: CO2 Reaction to the Ins and Outs of Canistor Filters

> 6. With a foam prefilter, you can place a CO2 reactor on
> the INLET of one of the filters so that any CO2 bubbles
> that make it through the reactor will then have to go
> through the filter media - I get 100" CO2 diffusion. (I
> tried it without a reactor, but the got some guggling and
> CO2 bubbles/loss.)

It works both ways but, generally, I think one is better
off putting a CO2 reactor on the output of a canister
filter rather than the input.  You should still get 100%
abosorbtion of CO2 and the reactor will stay cleaner.  If
your reactor is blowing out CO2 bubbles, you can try a
lower water flow -- easily accomplished by Teeing off the
main water line -- add a ball valve if you want to fiddle
with flow rates to the reactor and not affect the overall
flow rate from the filter.

Also, the slight increase in pressure on the pressure side
(output side) of the canister should help CO2 absortion

When a canister has been operating for a while without
being cleaned, it can start to develop bubbles on it's own,
not just sucking in air around the head-unit o-ring, but
because the pressure is lower as the pump struggles to suck
water in throw the less giving media. Under that condition,
if the CO2 injected before the filter media, some CO2 might
be drawn from the water and blown out the filter.  Of
course, that's when it's time to think about cleaning the
filter ;-) .

Scott H.

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