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Re: Wet/Dry Trickle filter vs Canister Filter

We have two Marineland Eclipse System tanks in bedrooms - an Eclipse system 6 in my sons bedroom, and the 29 gallon tank with the Eclipse II hood in mine. I don't know how noisy they are compared to trickle filters/sumps. Both tanks are over 3 years old. If I had it to do again, I wouldn't put these tanks in the bedrooms. We thought the water sound would be soothing, but often it is just annoying. I took the biowheel out of the larger tank and put some coarse foam in instead to reduce the noise, which helped alot, but there are still many nights where I think about just unplugging the thing or putting it on a timer with the lights.

The 72 gallon tank in the living room has a silent Eheim canister filter, and I love it. It is true that the filter is harder to clean, but then again I only clean it every 6-8 weeks. I can't figure out where I'd put it, or I'd replace the bedroom tank filter with an eheim canister too.

My opinions only.

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