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CO2 Tank + Regulator + Eheim Diffuser/Reactor for Sale

I have a 20 lb CO2 tank, regulator, and Eheim CO2 diffuser/bubble counter for sale. The unit must be picked-up in Anaheim. Price is $100 obo. All the components are in good working order. There's no gas in the tank. Other than that it's a complete setup ready to pump CO2 into your tank.
I also have a three piece set of Takashi Amano's Landscaping tools. Each tool is made of brushed stainless steel and is 11" long. Included: scissors with turned up end for pruning, tweezers for planting and a spatula to level substrate. Price is $10 obo and I will ship for $3.50.
Please send replies to ltdanp21 at yahoo_com.

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