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Warning and why I'm in this hobby

For all of you who have a cannister filter, you know that sage advice about putting a hole in the hose leading to the filter in case the water level drops? I ignored that advice. i went on vacation, had a non-experienced fish guy watch my plant and of course, got a frantic phone call telling me that there was only about an inch of water in the tank... the outflow hose (into the tank) somehow dislodged and got out of the tank and proceeded to empty out about 28 gallons on to the living room floor. The motor on the filter burned out, the SAE and amano shrimp (which aren't sold locally) died, the crypts melted, the plants looked losy or died...  Anyway, 2 months later the tank is back up and the algae, except for some on the driftwood has gone. Had to buy new filter, new pump for CO2 and other accessories...Put in a bunch of parrot feather and other fast growing plants to help but it took a while. The crypts did all come back...  I can almost laugh about it now...maybe after I !
 get some
 new plants and shrimp in the tank... (will gladly pay for any cutting of interesting plants)
I enjoy this hobby on so many levels. Not only for the beauty of the tank, fish and plants living in my house, but the way it changes how I see the world. Anytime I go streamside or lake side, how I look at that ecosystem has changed. I can't prove it, but I know my knowledge of aquatic plants has made me a better fly-fisherman... Right now my goal is develop a touch for aquascaping.... 

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