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Re: Estimative index

Dave wrote:

"   * 72 gallon tank, approximately 65 gallons water, 24" deep
   * 220 watts AHS CF lights & reflectors
   * Weekly 32 gallon water change
   * Pressurized CO2, target 23ppm (measured as KH 3, pH 6.6)

   * KNO3 1/4 tsp 2x weekly
   * K2SO4 1/8 tsp 2x weekly
   * KH2PO4 rice grain 2x weekly (we eat small grained rice!)
   * Seachem Flourish 10ml  2x weekly
   * Seachem Iron 5ml 2x weekly  "

Shoot for 6.5pH with that KH.
Not quite sure beside some NO3 why the rock hard tap is an issue
unless for the fish/breeding. 
RO is a PITA.
I'd do 2 x 25% a week w/tap and not add any KNO3.
Adjust the pH to suit the tap's KH.
If you 100% sure that you are using the RO and want to go that

Add 2-3 x 1/2 teaspoon a week.
Also more KH2PO4, about a 1/16" of a teaspoon(divide the 1/4 in
4 equal parts) 2-3x a week.

Add the K2SO4- 1/2 teaspoon after the water change.
Add 15mls flourish 2-3x a week
Add 3-5 mls of iron if you want once, maybe 2x a week. 

"Do I have it right?

Tap water here has is liquid rock with 30+ ppm NO3, according to
the water district EPA report (I've seen a lab report from a
home inspector showing 41ppm nitrate, but that's a single case).
Instead, I use 100% RO water, reconstituted with Kent RO Right
to GH3, and baking soda to KH3.

Thanks, everyone!"

With the tap water:
2x25% weekly changes after which add:
K2SO4 1/2 teaspoon(no K+ from KNO3 now)
1/16 teaspoon KH2PO4
15mls flourish
3-5 mls iron if you want.

I think 2x a week with tap is mighty easy vs the RO once a week
and adding baking soda + RO right. Cheaper too, RO membranes, RO
right, time and hassle are not free.
Tap water is easy to change fast.

Tom Barr



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