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Converting to the Tom Barr method-comments or suggestions?

To Tom and the group,

Tom's Estimative Index approach makes so much sense that I would like to adopt it with as little alteration as possible. Would you please check my figures? Thanks in advance!

   * 72 gallon tank, approximately 65 gallons water, 24" deep
   * 220 watts AHS CF lights & reflectors
   * Weekly 32 gallon water change
   * Pressurized CO2, target 23ppm (measured as KH 3, pH 6.6)

   * KNO3 1/4 tsp 2x weekly
   * K2SO4 1/8 tsp 2x weekly
   * KH2PO4 rice grain 2x weekly (we eat small grained rice!)
   * Seachem Flourish 10ml  2x weekly
   * Seachem Iron 5ml 2x weekly

Do I have it right?

Tap water here has is liquid rock with 30+ ppm NO3, according to the water district EPA report (I've seen a lab report from a home inspector showing 41ppm nitrate, but that's a single case). Instead, I use 100% RO water, reconstituted with Kent RO Right to GH3, and baking soda to KH3.

Thanks, everyone!