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Re: Pellia endiviaefolia

> I just got some Pellia endiviaefolia and am now wondering
what to do with it.  ... would attach to rocks or wood like java
moss and could be used as a foreground plant.<

Sure, you could do that in the right tank. The plant likes cool
conditions, that's what I was told by the friend who sent it to me.

I have a portion that's surviving by neglect. It sits in a transparent
plastic bowl and receives indirect sun from a north window.
Sometimes, I remember to top off the water. Right now, I'm not
using it in an aquarium because I have naughty fishies that will
probably devour it.

Another batch is doing extremely well in a cute little tabletop
aquatic garden in an old fishbowl with gravel, decorative rock, and
anubias. Every other week, I give it a small dose of fertilizer when
I fertilize my other houseplants. I have a small Ikea table light
shining down on it (one of those small ones that costs under $10).
The water temperature is in the mid-70s. The plant has developed
a rich emerald-green color, which looks really cool because the
"leaves" are translucent.

My next project is to use it in a tabletop water fountain. Someday,
I may even put some in an aquarium. :-)


Shireen Gonzaga Baltimore, MD