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Re: Pellia endiviaefolia

Pellia works beautifully as a foreground plant.  It doesn't float although
it doesn't seem to attach very much either.  It has tiny rhizoids? that seem
like they should attach but I haven't found them to be a terrific anchor.
After placing it on rocks and stretching netting over it to allow it to
attach, there was some success.  Unfortunately though, it drove the Amano
shrimp nuts and they spent all their time trying to free it.  Finally, I
gave up and just left it laying on the bottom.  If you get too aggressive
cleaning the front glass it rises up and moves some but you can easily lay
it back in place.  It grows together and is like a big mat.

With regards to temperature, it does fine in 84 degree water under MH with
some degree of shading.

As far as I can tell, nothing eats it although my new dwarf frogs like to
play in it.