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RE: Tank Size

Aquarium moving towards the basement, floor very springy,
tank starting to tilt towards the center of the room.

Over wood floors, if your tank is bigger than 100 gal,
consider reinforcement.  Slap three each 2x4s together to
make some columns, put a couple of 2x8 or 2x10 together to
make a beam across the the columns and under the floor
joists.  Fill in studs for walls to add rigidity and maybe
make a closet out of it.

In any event, with a larger tank on a wood floor, always
try to have the longest dimension of the tank span across
the floor joists and not run in parallel -- by going across
the joist, the stress in bending is directly borne by more
joists -- that makes a big difference.

Scott H. 

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