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Pellia endiviaefolia

I just got some Pellia endiviaefolia and am now wondering what to do
with it.  The guy I got it from sent it then left on vacation.  He said
it was similar to Riccia but would attach to rocks or wood like java
moss and could be used as a foreground plant.  What he sent was in a mat
attached to some soil.  

I have a lot of plant books (well a few anyway) but none of them cover
it.  Unless it is buried in one of the Amano books I cannot find
anything about it or, more importantly for me, pictures that show its
use in planted tanks.  The Tropica site (only resource I have found so
far) says it is adaptable to about any lighting (very low-very high),
hardness (very low-very high), 5.5-8.5 pH, a broad temperature range and
is a fast grower.  Sounds like it would be hard to kill so I'm not too
worried about getting it to grow.  I was wondering more about how to use
it for the best effect.  If anyone is familiar with this plant I would
appreciate some info about how it looks when planted.  Will it have a
problem growing along side java moss (intermixed with moss on the same
rock) or will one overcome the other?  Is it a good looking ground

BTW - no wood in my tanks but I do have a few rocks and some bare gravel