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Re: Help with plant ID


Willow hygro does change its colors depending on nutrients and light levels. It grows with the red/tan highlights in my low-light, low nutrient tank, and all green in my high light, high nutrient tank (where almost nothing shows any red color at all). As far as leaves growing from lower nodes, it looks like there were some there before you got the plant, but they were removed - probably because they were old and ratty. In my tanks I find that I need to uproot the plants and cut off the bottom fairly often, since the old leaves do die off leaving the bare sticks you have on your plants.

If the plant is really willow hygro, the stuff you have looks like submersed growth. Mine grows like crazy in my 29G low-light tank with plain old gravel. I now add fertilizer and CO2 to that tank, but I didn't at first, and it grew reall well on just Flourish Excel (carbon supplement) - but it needed the Excel.


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