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Heya plant people.  First item of business - I've taken care of the 
autoresponder messages from AGarlough; I'm sure we all wish Ms. Garlough 
the best during her maternity leave but don't need to be reminded 
of it every time a digest comes out.  Sorry it took me so long to 
do something about that.

Remember - the APD does not accept attachments.  If you send email 
with attachments to the list, your email will be dumped.  Also true 
if you respond to a digest and include the entire digest in your 
reply.  Edit, edit, edit.  

Also remember that you can only send email to the list from the email 
address with which you subscribed.  Even a minor change will result 
in your email being bounced as non-subscriber.  Since this list generates 
in excess of 100 bounced emails per day - most of them offering to 
improve our sex lives in some way - these also go into the trash.
A couple of folks have asked if they can subscribe from two addresses 
so they can post from either address but only receive the APD at 
one address.  Sorry - no can do.  You can subscribe from as many 
addresses as you would like but you're gonna receive an APD at each 
of those addresses, too.  :)

This is the Aquatic Plants *Digest*.  It is not, nor will it be, 
available as individual emails.  You can read emails-as-they-arrive 
at http://fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants/


APD ListMom