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Re: Help with plant ID

Shireen said:
>give a definitive answer for sure. Does the person with the correct ID
>get a prize?  :-)

um ... well

next time I trim my egeria densa, I could send the 'winner' the cuttings.

that's about the only plant I have that grows well ... it will be some time
yet, as I rather harshly cut it back this last trim, in an effort to give
some other plants the opportunity to grow


willow hygro does look like the closest match, but the coloration seems
different ... the hygro appears to have a red/tan stem and red/tan veins,
where as mine is solid green on green ...

it also has leaves grown from lower nodes, where mine is only growing from
the top most node.

Both of these differences could be due to the fact my plant isn't
established yet, or is suffering a deficiency of some nutrient (probably
iron for the roots, since I'm using plain epoxy gravel)

I will try potting some in clay and letting it grow out of the water, to see
what that does.

I really like it, since it's not growing roots in every direction, and the
price was right ($1.29 for a bunch of 5) ... too bad I didn't buy more

Thanks for the help everyone