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Re: Eheim ECCOs of decline -- or - The Eheimlock Maneuver

Jamie Johnson said, in part:

> Two weeks ago I was searching the archives for info on
> canisters. I read Tom's previous write-up about his new 
> Via Aqua. I also read some archive info from you, Scott, 
> about your Filstars. I decided to go with the Filstar 
> (Rena) XP2. I've had them a week and am very happy with
> them. I've got both of them on my 2 Tanganyika 55 g 
> tanks. . . I had Whisper 60s on them both, but
> I was using 2 biobags every other week. I'm saving money
> as we speak with the new investment. 

Canisters are harder to clean than back filters but need
cleaning much less often.

The Renas I set up are performing nicely without any
hitches, glitches, or problems.  I think they are slightly
louder than the classic Eheims but about the same as the
ECCOs.  The Renas are more ruggedly built, imo.  And the
Renas give you lots of fittings to arrange your water
intake and output.

I'd like to get my hands on a Via Aqua so I can check those
out first hand, but it will have to wait -- I can always
think of a reason for another aquarium but. . . ;-)

Anyway, Tom has had experience with lots of equipment, so
his "GoodHousekeeping Seal of Approval" counts for a lot
(duh!) even for Johnnie-come-lately canisters like Via Aqua

Have fun,
Scott H.

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