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Phoenix AZ Plant LFS

I could have been asleep at the wheel but just in case I wasn't and some Phx
plant folks don't already know: Aqua Touch, 120040 N. 32nd St, SWC 32nd &
Cactus (W of 51) has added fresh water plants to their salt water
repertoire.  Yesterday I saw two gorgeous plant display tanks, amano shrimp
($2.45), SAE, JBJ compact fluorescent fixtures, big driftwood pieces very
reasonably priced IMHO, flourite, a whole aisle of plant tanks with healthy
plants including Crinum calamistratum, ph meters and controllers, CO2 stuff,
lots of books including Amano and Walstad.

Best of all the staff actually is very well informed and helpful.  Did I
mention that all their plant tanks are high light and CO2 injected?


Sharon Frey

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