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Re: Eheim ECCOs of decline -- or - The Eheimlock Maneuver

Scott wrote:

> "I know the Rena's hold up better than this, but I've yet to
> try a Via Aqua.
> Hey Tom, didn't you recently get a Via Aqua canister?
> How's it holding up?"

> Yeah, Tom, how's the Via Aqua performing?

> Two weeks ago I was searching the archives for info on canisters. I read Tom's previous write-up about his new Via Aqua. I also read some
> archive info from you, Scott, about your Filstars. I decided to go with the Filstar (Rena) XP2. I've had them a week and am very happy with
> them. I've got both of them on my 2 Tanganyika 55 g tanks. They're full of media and purring right along. I had Whisper 60s on them both, but
> I was using 2 biobags every other week. I'm saving money as we speak with the new investment. BTW, Big Als Online had the best deals on
> cansiter filters if anyone's interested.

> Being a non-conformist (everyone has Eheims), my second choice was the Via Aquas. The Filstars came with filter pads and carbon, but the Via
> Aquas didn't, so they suckered me in. As far as I could tell from the comments, they were very comparable.

Jamie <"\\\><

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